Mobile Application Development

Our team has a comprehensive and up-to-date experience with mobile app development on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and WebOS platforms.  We have developed mobile apps making use of Drupal back-end services and have live apps published to the iPhone/iTunes, Android and WebOS app stores.

The following is usually the module we use in the development approach:

1. Identify back-end content and functionality to be consumed from the mobile interface

2. Re-purpose content in a format suitable for mobile

3. Develop back-end web services for interactive functionality such as form submissions, searches, etc.  We have found this to be an excellent fit for Drupal.

4. Design and develop the mobile app for the target platform (iOS SDK, Android SDK, Blackberry SDK, etc.)



Built for: iPhone, Android and Palm WebOS

Description: AktNow is a non-partisan advocacy platform that helps you to leverage the mobile and social network to connect with thousands of other people who share your views and make a difference! Within this app you can connect with grassroots activism on mobiles by browsing the recently occuring campaigns, share your thoughts to make the campaigns stronger, forward to friends to spread your word. It Targets activists supporting campaigns on It consists of Device address, book integration and others.


This app was developed for iPhone, Android and Palm WebOS.  The native mobile application interacts with custom web-services developed for

A Drupal back-end serves all content and interactive web services.

Download Link:


Christian Coalition Mobile:

Built for: iPhone and Android.

Description: Christian Coalition of America i.e. CCA is a non-partisan political organization that works to identify, educate and mobilize Christians for effective political action. This app includes i

Users of the app interact with the Coalition in a variety of ways:ntegrations with Facebook and Twitter as well as with CCA’s website. The app targets CCA’s community of 300k supporters and provides address book integration, geolocation services, community based services integration.

  1. Getting informed with News, Capitol Notebook, Rights Watch, Press Releases, Voter Guides and Scorecard.
  2. Getting involved by Donate, Register to vote and Email Updates.
  3. Taking action by Action Alerts, Current Campaigns and Call Congress.
  4. Getting connected with Coalition on Facebook, Coalition on Twitter
  5. Spreading your word by inviting others via email, post a link on Facebook & Twitter.


This is a native app for iPhone and Android making use of custom developed web-services.

Drupal serves all content and interactive web services.

Download Link:


Contact Congress App:

Built for: iPhone.

Description: Within this app you can contact any member of congress(US Senators or US House of Representatives) by sending them FAX or making a call directly. You can search the legislators either by entering their zipcode or by allowing the app’s geolocation tracker to track your point of location. This app consists the Device address book integration, GeoLocation integration, community-based services such as Facebook and Twitter integration. Secure PayPal integration is also referenced in this app.


This is a native app for iPhone that integrates with web services for identifying elected officials based on geolocation or entered zip codes. Drupal serves all content and interactive web services.