Capabilities and Technology

We construct our solutions using open source technologies and pre-existing Openlogic software components available at no cost to customers.  This allows us to deliver functional, tested and secure applications in a matter of weeks instead of months.  We can then concentrate our efforts on any custom requirements.


Online Data Collation Solutions

We have in collaboration with CARE India implemented and delivered various online data collection and collation projects for their projects. Latest on was done for online training management of NIPCCD that is centrally hosted and used in its centers all over India. It’s an intelligent system that tracks training schedules of its over 7000 CDPO’s.


Custom Software Development

We are strong open source advocates, but also realize that special problems require customized solutions. We put to work years of complex problem solving and applications development experience for just these types of situations. To avail of our expertise, please contact us today for a free no-commitment consultation.


Drupal & WordPress Implementation

With dozens of successful implementations, we offer streamlined implementation services of Drupal based sites.  Integration with or migration from other software can be a daunting task.  Ask us about our custom integration and migration services.


Customized Online Process Management Solutions

Our team is proficient is providing agile and quick solution to all your process management requirements. We have developed and delivered various online, remote operation capable process management solutions. One such latest solution is for online, real time, management of distributed warehouses through a centralized, always available cloud base hosted platform. Through this online solution the client is able to process all delivery related tasks, in real time, with its different warehouses. The client at any given time has all the information of its finished goods and their in-process and processed dispatches accessible to him via mobile or desktop.

Our latest offering in this arena is – dothis2– a simple online work & task delegation process with derivative MIS reports related to works and tasks completed by a team. Do contact us for a demo.


Mobile Applications

Using Mobile-First and Responsive Web Design techniques, all Openlogic projects are designed for distribution to mobile browsers and devices.  We can then augment these capabilities with mobile device specific native capabilities and provide packaging and distribution services for iPhone, Android app stores.  We have several apps in mobile app stores based on these technologies. Our latest app related project is Gourmet Passport


Social Media Apps

A core component of many of our sites and applications is integration with social media.  This often starts with streamlined logins with Facebook Connect and Google+ thus eliminating yet another registration for users.  We can then add deep integration with the Social Graph capabilities of these providers for true community building and crowd sourcing behavior.  Of course all of this works very well with our Mobile offerings.



Using powerful game mechanics techniques, we offer the means to add a whole new way to engage users and build your network.  Gamification concepts of Points, Badges and leaderboards are coupled with specific missions and objectives for your user community to present a unique level of engagement.


Software Prototyping

Need help with turning an idea into a product?  A combination of broad technology competence and creative software design results in a unique early stage product development process.  We help our clients to quickly take ideas from wireframe to proof-of-concept to prototype stages to help rationalize development costs.  Our experience and expertise are in providing a fast & workable solution based around integration of simple open source technologies. If you have an idea, share it with us & we’ll change to it a working solution.

We have provided working proof of concept solutions based upon latest cutting edge technologies like AngularJSas well as Kinvey


Drupal Implementation

With dozens of successful implementations, we offer streamlined implementation services of drupal based sites.  Integration with or migration from other software can be a daunting task.  Ask us about our custom integration and migration services.