iPhone/iPad application development

We provide enterprise application development services for smart phones. For iPhone/iPad app development our steps of development is as below,

  • We take the requirements from clients and then our team of experts have the responsibilities for apps feasibility analysis.
  • We create a structure of programming flow in steps to meet the requirements.
  • If the application requires any web-services, Our Drupal team provides that services in rest API etc. in an easy-to-manage way.
  • Then we mock for apps UI page structure and the flow among pages.
  • Once the client is completly satisfied with the flow and their requirements meet with the app, we move ahead to integrate services and enlive the application.
  • The client can easily get in touch with each & every steps taken with the development team, and meanwhile can provide any updates required in application.
  • Once the app is ready, our testing team test the whole application and the development team simultaneously process for the modification required.
  • After complete testing we present the app before client for testing at their own end.
  • And when it is all OK, we further take the responsibilty to publish the app in app store as well.

Development Tools for iPhone/iPad app:

We used various tools for iPhone/iPad app development as per the clients requirements, and if client requires their app to be developed on any specific tools we provide the same in an efficient manner. Below are the list of tools we used for iPhone/iPad app development,

  • xcode & cocoa touch framework
  • Titanium Developer/Appcelerator
  • Phonegap
  • HTML5, jQuery, javascript, custom modules

Our Expertise for iPhone/iPad app

  • In app Twitter integration
  • In app Facebook integration
  • Device’s contact list picker
  • Accelerometer
  • Web-service integration with Ajax call
  • Dyanmic change in UI on orientation change of iPhone/iPad
  • Drupal based custom rest based web-services.
  • Push Notifications etc.
  • We customize the app in such a way that the same app works in all iPhone/iPad very nicely along with different orientations also.