Open Logic Systems

The circle signifies the world.
It also stands for completeness and wholeness.
The two horizontal inverse band sweep around this globe and symbolize an 'open' world where ideas and energy flows across it.

Look Left-to-right, to see
a single black-dot, the hyperbolic-shape, and the two dots on its right. That is the classical symbol of a 'Logic Gate'.
Specifically, an AND logic gate. When the two dots on the right are both black to signify presence of an input signal or value, only than will the dot on the right tum black to signify an output signify or value.

1. This ideogram has two logic gates. Both are AND gates.
On the whole Earth, one is in the northern hemisphere and points ti the West.
The other is in the outher hemisphere and points to the East.

2. The input dots in both hemisphere and in two diagonal quadrants show projects, clients and resources can be sourced and serviced globally.

3. The output dots signify delivery is global too, thanks to the interconnected web.
The west-facing Logic Gate is Faisal, the East-facing Logic Gate is Atul.
The use of AND Logic Gates also signifies a partnership, a togetherness, as well as teamwork, and 'inclusion' (a Sufi concept).

Stare into the circle, an 'S' shape emerges.
This is for 'Systems' and it is flowing.
All systems flow.
This top-down flow is balanced by the horizontal flow-bands of the two Logic-Gates, That 'open' up the 'logic'.
More openness in Logic. More openness in the world.
Just flow. This is The System.

Open  Logic Systems.
A visual ideogram, a hieroglyph, that lives up to the philosophy of the Greek 'Logic'.