Key Points:

  • We provide the desktop and web based application using Adobe Flex technology.
  • Applications usage customized web services for data flow in & out.
  • Use of Action Script in applications will make you avail all the required functionality.
  • Nice user controls and great user interaction in your widgets with strong custom validation tools.
  • Integration of twitter/facebook in your application with a secure fashion.
  • We also provide Widget development which you can put any of your sites.
  • We provide the custom ‘Get the code’ feature by which your end users can take the widget embed code from any of your application and with a very simple way they can put it any site they desired.
  • You will have all the controls of your widgets/applications wherever they embedded and complete access for its performance.
  • We provide the access to you with our custom tracking system to keep you acknowledged with the IP address and sites URL where your widgets are embedded and you can permit them to access/deny to use your widgets and applications.