DMS, Visualization & Reporting:

Key Points:

  • In any business there is a fundamental requirement for data reporting and data visualization.
  • We provide the custom reporting tools which help you to analyze your data/records in effective manner.
  • Filter of data feature avail you to view and analyze the data with any custom filtration.
  • We are strong in Birt Report, Jasper Report etc. reporting tools to present your data and thus analyze your business effectively.
  • With Silverlight and Fusion chart etc. tools a well formatted chart & report will be prepared for your business.
  • We provide you to download your data in PDF, Excel and other format whatever suitable for you.
  • We provide you to interact with your data sheet or chart report navigation system.
  • Display your data in a customized chart let you feel that you have just a live conversation with your data.
  • With Successful integration of your data to be visualized in Chart or Map, you can analyze you business in any term.
  • With DMS i.e. Data Management System we provide you controls on your Data and Records in a secure sure way.
  • Auto updates of data with previous backups enabled promises that you never lose your important data.
  • We provides Pentaho, Alfresco etc. based data management tools for your data repository with custom structure for displaying the records.
  • Recurring based data repository backup avail you to have the data files at regular intervals as scheduled by you.
  • We provide most reliable DocsQ services for your data visualization and data reporting in a customized display and with the chart and map integration to make your data analysis easy and hassle free.